Piecing Your Plan Together

There are many facets that must be taken into consideration when designing a financial plan. For your convenience we have provided a list below describing the various components.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is a vital part to building an appropriate financial plan. From the beginning stages of Wealth Creation to Legacy Planning our objective is to make sure that what is important to you is secure.

Retirement Planning & Asset Management

It is vital to get this plan right the first time, because there are no do-overs. When it comes to planning for retirement we assess your current and future needs to make sure that your goals for early and late retirement can be addressed.

Tax Management

Many people often pay more than their fair share of taxes, when it may be possible to keep the money for themselves or their loved ones. Our firm partners with highly skilled tax advisors, offering personalized options to manage your current and future assets from tax liabilities, that way you can keep more of what you have worked so hard for.

Business or Practice Management

Whether you are in the beginning stages of business development or have been established for years, challenges do arise. Our financial and business professionals are well versed in helping strategize and develop plans for businesses in all stages of the life cycle, keeping you focused and on task.


Building a legacy for your future generations is one of the many facets of our wealth creation model.

Debt Structuring

We work with you and evaluate current expenditures and what your future expenditures might be.  After a thorough investigation we make sure that you have a clear understanding and can begin the process of saving and restructuring for your future needs.

Education Planning

Be it for your children, your spouse or yourself, there are a lot of choices available to provide for future education expenses.  During our evaluation process we will address the options that will enable you to plan and save appropriately.

Long-Term Care

At some point in many people’s lives they face the reality that they may need some assistance with daily living. Musleh Financial Group ensures that your needs are addressed.