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About Musleh Financial Group

Our Mission, Values and History

For over a quarter century we have implemented innovative and customizable financial planning services to address the specific needs of the medical, dental and business professional. As an Independent and full financial service firm our mission is to build a solid financial plan designed to achieve long term monetary security and success, as defined by you. Our planning services are grounded on 3 basic ideas Trust, Transparency and Innovation making us a leading expert in the industry.

  • Edward Musleh
  • Kyle Musleh
  • Stacia Musleh-A Licensed Insurance Agent at Musleh Financial Group, where she is responsible for business growth and management. Including client acquisition, office management and website maintenance. Stacia is not affiliated with LPL
    not affiliated with LPL.
  • Elaina Musleh- A Licensed Insurance and Real Estate. She has contributed her business experience and knowledge assisting in enabling Musleh Financial Group to become recognized and respected as a solid firm in the industry. Elaina is not affiliated with LPL.