Musleh Financial Group was established in 1987 as a financial service firm to address the unique needs of physicians. As a result, we have provided financial advice to thousands of physicians nationwide.  Our expertise lies in our ability to work with our clients to establish a simple road map for them to follow to financial independence.

Our plan designs encompass all of the different stages of life,  Wealth Creation years, Retirement years and The Legacy years.  Keeping in mind that they must be flexible with the ability to adapt to changes that arise in life and the world around us.

Our process for each of these stages utilizes four principal basic steps.  The first is getting to know you, your needs and understanding your personal goals.   Secondly we decipher all of this information and  objectively analyze it so we can design a solid plan. The third step involves presenting the plan and putting it into action.  Finally but most important is continued contact and with regularly scheduled communication to address any and all changes that need to be made or affect the plan in place.

Our mission is just that simple: to help you build a sold fiscal plan so that you can achieve financial success as defined by you.