Wealth Management and Planning

Wealth Creation

It is never too early to start planning for your future. Some people reach a state of true wealth by chance, luck or inheritance; our objective is to help you achieve your goals by design.

Retirement Planning

Strategically planning for retirement is now more then ever due to increased costs of health care and longer life expectancy given the advancements in medicine.

Legacy Planning

Your legacy is a collage of your life achievements. Legacy Planning is the process whereby you determine who will be the benefactor of all your accomplishments; taking care of those who matter most.

The ideal time to begin the process of financial planning is early in one’s career. We realize that it doesn’t always work out that way. When the time is right for you to begin the process we are here and our personalized approach starts with a few simple steps beginning with a complimentary no obligation meeting. During our initial meeting:

• We evaluate your goals, and dreams and help you to prioritize them
• We gather review and analyze your financial information

After we have determined a course of action we schedule a follow up meeting where we:

• Present a financial plan with both short and long term recommendations
• Begin the process of Plan Implementation
• Annual Follow up’s and re-evaluation do to life circumstances

We then schedule regular meetings to address the ongoing process of re-evaluating your plan due to changes in income, marital status the addition of children, job changes etc.

“No one ever plans to fail they simply fail to plan,” Winston Churchill